Photo: Chery

Photo: Chery

China and Brazil recently signed an agreement for the Chery Brazil Industrial Plant Project.

This project represents Chery’s latest major strategic move to advance localization in Brazil, according to the company. Based on Chery’s vehicles, the Park will introduce relevant auto parts manufacturers, boosting Chery’s proportion of localization and enhancing the competitiveness of its products in Brazil. Chery’s constant perfection of the auto industry will enable the company to gain a firm foothold in Brazil before expanding to the rest of Central and South America and enhancing its market share and influence in the region.

As the world’s fourth-largest auto market, Brazil boasts a solid auto industry foundation, accordind to the company. Since its entry into the market in 2009, Chery has earned over 60,000 local customers, positioning the country as Chery’s strategic core market in the world and an iconic market for its deep internationalization. In August 2014, the Chery Brazil Plant was established in Jacarei, Sao Paulo, Brazil as the largest wholly-owned overseas plant belonging to Chinese automakers. In order to adapt to Brazil’s road conditions, fuel type, and the driving habits of local customers, Chery said it has made great efforts in adaptive development and improvement over the years. Specially, Chery specially designed and developed flex fuel engines to meet Brazil’s special fuel demand, further strengthen the foundation of Brazil’s role as Chery’s strategic core market.

In the future, with the constant development of the Chery Brazil Industrial Park, Chery said it will advance localization more actively, win the trust of more Brazilian consumers through its outstanding products and services, give back to Brazilian society and establish a favorable brand image, thereby becoming a globally competitive brand.