Navman Wireless New Zealand has announced the availability of its next generation in-vehicle fleet tracking, navigation and two-way messaging device, the M-Nav 950. New features include truck-specific warnings and landmark navigation, on-screen signature capture as well as free lifetime map updates.

The 6-inch, Garmin-supported M-Nav 950 in-vehicle display fully integrates with the Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 platform, according to the company. The M-Nav 950 works with the in-vehicle tracking unit connecting with the mobile network or Iridium satellite communication network to the back office. Along with the new hardware, Navman Wireless launches Drive, a comprehensive suite of applications built to enhance driver efficiency, productivity and safety. Drive comes pre-installed on the M-Nav 950 and combines fleet management, communication, navigation, dispatching and documentation systems into one user friendly driver interface, streamlining processes for drivers, dispatchers and the fleet. Its focus on driver and operational efficiency paves the way for automated tasks, safer roads and smoother communication.

“Fleet efficiency can be significantly impacted by distracted driving, manual paperwork and exchanges of job site information,” said Ian Daniel, vice president Asia Pacific, Navman Wireless. “The M-Nav 950 in combination with Drive removes these inefficiencies by providing real-time updates on daily jobs and driver activity to fleet managers through a single device. It enables fleet vehicles to stay connected, focused, on time and safe.”

Each aspect of the M-Nav 950 was designed to boost efficiency for drivers on the road, as well as managers in the back office, making it a multi-functional tool that can serve as part of a businesses’ fleet management solution, according to the company.

Specific features include:

  • Clear Navigation and Routing.
  • Easy Two-Way Communication.
  • Paperless, Customizable Forms.
  • Instant Signature Capture.
  • Engine Monitoring System (EMS).
  • Trucking Attributes.