Three fleet organizations in Brazil – from different industries – have recently implemented a MiX Telematics solution to boost efficiency and safety within their transport fleets. Transkuba will now monitor in real-time its fleet of 300 buses, while Bom Futuro and Della Volpe will monitor around 50 trucks combined, as well as the behavior and working hours of their drivers. Bom Futuro is an agriculture customer, while Della Volpe is a cargo haulier business. Plans for the latter two customers to gradually implement the same solution across their entire fleets represents an additional 600 subscribers to MiX Telematics’s regional footprint.

Public transport operator Transkuba said it looks forward to the flexible nature of MiX Telematics’ fleet management solution, which serves up a broad range of driver and vehicle information for fleet managers.

The new customers share aims to reduce fuel consumption and lower other operating costs, while improving and maintaining safety levels through driver behavior monitoring and training. Transkuba will also be using the solution for real-time and historical tracking purposes, and needs to verify entry into unauthorized areas.

Della Volpe and Bom Futuro also sought a solution to manage the working hours of their drivers. Though from different segments, these customers share the need for tight control over working hours in order to comply with Brazilian labor legislation. In addition to monitoring shift times of their drivers, driving events such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and speeding will be monitored and reduced, using reports and driver training.

"Companies are increasingly focused on solutions that help them meet standards and respect laws, at the same time that they prioritize safety and cost reduction. Through the telemetry tools that we offer to the Brazilian market, this is all possible, always efficiently and with the best cost-benefit," says Luiz Munhoz, Managing Director of MiX Telematics (Brazil).