Photo courtesy of Lightning Hybrids.

Photo courtesy of Lightning Hybrids.

Lightning Hybrids will supply Massachusetts-based transportation provider Kiessling Transit with 35 parallel hydraulic-hybrid systems, the company announced at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The sale marks Lightning Hybrids’ largest order to date.

The hydraulic-hybrid system improved fuel efficiency by 30 percent and significantly reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions during a year-long pilot program with Kiessling Transit, according to Lightning Hybrids.

Kiessling Transit’s vehicles will use 2015 and 2016 model-year Ford E-450 chassis and Elkhart Coach bodies. The hydraulic-hybrid systems will be installed prior to delivery this summer. The hydraulic system uses regenerative braking energy rather than a battery to power the vehicle's driveline.

The technology is designed to improve emissions and low-end torque, reduce fuel use, increase brake life, and decrease maintenance and operational costs. Vehicles with Lightning Hybrids’ technology produce half of the NOx emissions and 30-percent less carbon-dioxide emissions, compared to vehicles without the system, according to the company.

Kiessling Transit will use the hybrid vehicles to transport primarily urban-area Massachusetts residents with disabilities. The company is based in Norfolk, Mass., and currently contracts with regional transit authorities, state agencies, and local municipalities to transport passengers throughout the state.