AlertDriving has announced the launch of a strategic channel partnership with ILIA Consultants, a Chile-based provider of integrated risk management solutions. ILIA Consultants will implement ADVantage to offer FleetDefense, an end-to-end fleet risk management solution available in over 90 percent of the world.

Based in the Greater Santiago area, ILIA Consultants follows a preemptive approach to identifying occupational risk: it assesses a business from end to end for “tip-of-the-iceberg” issues in each area that often hint at deeper problems. Left unchecked, inefficient workers and poor product quality could jeopardize a business’ growth and future; ILIA Consultants optimizes programs for a company’s size and resources so it can target every risk with a specific, appropriate learning methodology. To do this, ILIA Consultants uses the learning pyramid: with an emphasis on frequent testing to identify — and monitor — risk, the consultancy firm builds enterprise-class mitigation programs focused on quality and operational risk control, environmental health and safety, fire prevention, and more.

FleetDefense will expand the reach of ILIA Consultants’ services to address loss and occupational risk in fleets, according to the AlertDriving.

“Secure, LMS-ready and centrally managed, FleetDefense can scale down or scale out to compare risk exposures on a driver, group, region or country basis — all from ILIA Consultants’ learning ecosystem,” explained Rob Martin, vice president of sales at AlertDriving. “Our program is also diagnostic: besides identifying and targeting unsafe driver behaviors, we train to anticipate new risk through frequent testing. Falling scores show areas in behavior needing improvement.”