Photo courtesy of APG.

Photo courtesy of APG. 

Harrison Truck Centers, a Freightliner-Western Star dealer in Iowa, will introduce a diesel-natural gas fueling system on severe-duty glider-kitted trucks, using a Turbocharged Natural Gas Dual Fuel System from American Power Group, the two companies announced.

In collaboration with WheelTime Network's Interstate Power Systems, Harrison will install dual-fuel systems and associated natural gas storage tanks at its glider kit production facility in Elk Run Heights, Iowa. Target markets will include on-highway heavy hauling and the oil and gas, logging, and mining industries.

The addition of American Power Group's dual-fuel system will complement Harrison's existing dedicated natural gas engine product line. Harrison Truck Centers is a full-service Freightliner and Western Star dealership and a leader in the production of Freightliner glider kits, said its president and CEO, Brian Harrison.

He explained that Freightliner assembles its glider kits alongside new Freightliner trucks, giving a customer everything a new truck offers except for two of the three main driveline components -- engine, transmission, or rear axle. The fleet owner can reuse any of his existing driveline components or specify a factory installed remanufactured engine or rear axles.

Freightliner Glider Kits are available in day cab or sleeper units with a wide range of options, at a much lower cost compared to a new diesel truck, Harrison said. American Power Group has 459 EPA engine-family approvals for adding dual-fuel systems.

“With the exception of APG's Dual Fuel solution, we have not found a natural gas engine solution above 400 hp that can meet the demands and power performance of heavy-haul and severe-duty vocational trucks, especially in extreme and severe operating environments," Harrison said.

"We currently have two APG severe-duty glider trucks operating in some of the harshest oil and gas field environments in the U.S. and are experiencing great performance results and high up-time,” he added. ”Our marketing launch will start this spring with a Freightliner 122SD Severe-Duty Dual Fuel Glider Kit being displayed at several national truck, oil and gas and alternative fuel vehicular conferences. We expect dual-fuel gliders will be rolling off the production line by early summer."

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group's CEO, also pointed out that "the heavy-haul trucking industry does not have a viable natural gas engine option for the 400- to 600-hp Class 8 trucks. During 2014, several dedicated natural gas engine OEMs cancelled or delayed their 13-liter and 15-liter natural gas engine development, leaving a huge gap in the Class 8 natural gas engine coverage."

"While the current annual on-highway glider market is reported to be in excess of 5,000 vehicles per year, the number of heavy-duty and severe-duty trucks in the oil and gas, logging and mining industries are estimated to total in the tens of thousands and represents a significant new addressed market segment," Jensen noted.

Originally posted on Trucking Info