Photo of 2015 Smart Fortwo courtesy of Daimler.

Photo of 2015 Smart Fortwo courtesy of Daimler.

The 2015 Smart Fortwo will offer a twinamic dual clutch transmission that allows a driver to shift in fully automatic or manual mode when it goes on sale in the U.S. in September as the first next-gen Smart model.

Daimler will debut the vehicle at the New York auto show in April. It will go on sale in Europe in March, Daimler has announced.

The twinamic offers the advantage of particularly smooth gear changing without any interruption in tractive power, according to Daimler. The Smart Fortwo is powered by an inline three-cylinder that produces 71 hp. Four Smart models now offered include two gasoline-powered coupes, a cabriolet, and an electric drive model.

Commercial fleets registered 1,468 Smart Fortwo cars in 2013.