Photo via City of Redlands website.

Photo via City of Redlands website.

The City of Redlands, Calif., has expanded its alternative fueling station at its corporate yard with the addition of new compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel dispensers. The new dispensers will allow up to four vehicles to fuel at the same time.

The City has operated the liquefied natural gas (LNG)/CNG fueling station since its construction in 2003. The expansion cost $222,604, and the city received $85,000 in funding from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC). The project groundbreaking took place in September and the new fueling stations, including canopy extension and two fast-fill hose dispensers, will open later this week.

The city has 352 pieces of rolling stock, which includes 23 vehicles fueled with LNG and six with CNG.

CNG fueling dispensers are open to the public Monday through Friday. The dispensers accept debit and credit cards as well as Wright Express and Voyager fleet cards.

Other public agencies that are building CNG fueling stations include Salt Lake County in Utah, Panama City in Florida, and the City of Gilbert, Ariz.

Originally posted on Government Fleet