Best Buy's Geek Squad has been using a telematics system to gain greater awareness of its fleet and driver behavior, and now plans to offer the system to its customers, the retailer has announced.

Best Buy rolled out the Zubie telematics system in March and this month began selling the system in the automotive section of its stores as a featured product. Zubie was born as a Best Buy incubator program to create a connected car device.

The solution uses a device called the Zubie Key that plugs into the OBD-II diagnostic port built into vehicles made in 1996 or later. Using its AlwaysSmart technology, the Zubie Key connects with a national cellular connection to a smartphone app to monitor data such as driving behavior, vehicle location, and engine health.

In 2012, Best Buy product executives began executing on their vision to create a comprehensive connected car device and founded GreenLight Connectivity Solutions, which later became Zubie.

Best Buy's fleet ranks No. 87 on Automotive Fleet's Top 300 Commercial Fleets list published in May in the Fleet 500 issue.