Photo via Azuga.

Photo via Azuga.

Azuga Fleet has introduced Azuga Fleet Mobile, an interactive game-based driver rewards mobile app that gives drivers the ability to track driver scores and compete to earn rewards from top brands such as Amazon, Walmart and Burger King.

The Android and iOS app creates a transparent and real-time application for the driver and their fleet manager so the driver can track performance through the day and the fleet manager can give rewards for improved driving behaviors that increase safety, decrease costs, and increase driver retention.

Fleet mobile is possible due to Azuga Fleet's G2 data reading technology. The device "talks" directly to the engine computer every second giving you the most accurate data on idling, fuel used, miles driven and driver behavior.

It is proven in other industries that the use of rewards is one of the single highest predictors of organizational climate, which in turn has a direct correlation with financial results. Azuga Fleet Mobile can't only allow for more accurate management from the supervisor but also from the driver as well, where he can track overall score and ratings throughout the workday. In addition, social integration will create a viral online buzz, helping the company participating to build credibility and thought leadership among its peers.

Fleet operators can click here to learn more about Fleet Mobile and its additional features and benefits.