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A City of Chicago alderman has been pushing a new ordinance that would require most fueling stations in the city to offer the E-15 blend of 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethanol.

Alderman Edward Burke, who proposed the measure, says his ethanol mandate is still under consideration despite the City Council taking no action on the proposal after a five-hour July 28 hearing. Ethanol advocacy group Growth Energy claims the measure is "moving forward," reports Midwest Energy News.

The ordinance has been pitched as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner energy. It has strong backing from farmers and backers of Illinois' ethanol industry that generates $17.5 billion in annual economic activity. E-15 would also lower the price of gasoline in a market with among the highest gasoline prices in the nation.

Vehicles produced in the 2001 model year and beyond can run E-15 fuel seamlessly.