On Sept. 10 at BusCon in Chicago, A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems announced its expansion to Elkhart, Ind., as part of its national growth strategy. The alternative fuel conversion company, based in Fresno, Calif., is particularly focusing on the shuttle bus market but will have the capability to install CNG, LNG, and LPG systems on most EPA & CARB certified vehicles.

Several bus manufacturers in Elkhart, along with many of their dealers, have been lobbying the Ford certified “gaseous fuel” qualified vehicle modifier (QVM) company to provide its conversion services nearby, and now A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems has made that move.

“We are in a strong position to apply our depth of experience in California to markets all around the country,” said Mark Gilio, president of A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems. “Over the past 18 years we have built a reputation in California that I am very proud of and my goal is to make sure that the rest of the country is able to experience, firsthand, exactly what enabled us to earn that reputation.”

Having installed natural gas systems on over 400 vehicles at his Fresno headquarters in 2012, Gilio believes the new Elkhart facility has the potential to reach that capacity and more. The company will be cross-engineering its range of platforms (Ford E-450, F-550/650, F-59, GM G4500) with body builders of the major manufacturers in Elkhart and the surrounding areas.