SCHAUMBURG, IL – ROUSH CleanTech is focusing on moving up their propane autogas applications to a wider range of vehicles, from medium-duty to transit vehicles, as part of its efforts to give fleet operators a wide range of propane autogas-fueled products to choose from. Green Fleet magazine interviewed Todd Mouw, VP of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech, about the company’s current and future product plans and its approach to the fleet industry.

Mouw said the company is going into production on the propane autogas F-250 (2010-MY). This vehicle fits into ROUSH’s strategy, in that in the near future, the company will be adding a number of other, larger propane autogas versions of Ford vehicles to its lineup.

“Our plan is to have the full Ford commercial lineup for propane autogas,” Mouw said. “We will be launching propane autogas versions of the E-450, 550, and eventually 650. We are moving up the GVW scale because our customers are telling us to go that way. They also want to get away from diesel. We started with lighter duty vehicles and are moving to medium duty.”

Mouw said the company is continuing to invest in product development. These efforts include a range of areas, such as technology and platform (vehicle) development. The company is also focusing on supply chain development.

One recent tool Mouw said ROUSH developed for fleet operators is a fuel cost calculator for the iPad. Although this tool was available on the company’s website, now those interested can download the app from the iTunes store.

A screenshot of the new fuel cost calculator app from ROUSH CleanTech.

A screenshot of the new fuel cost calculator app from ROUSH CleanTech.

Lastly, Mouw said the company’s fleet vehicle demo program is going strong.

“We believe we need to educate people,” he said. “We talk to people about propane autogas fueling infrastructure and then let them take the vehicle for a week. Driving the vehicle totally demsystifies it for them.” Mouw said those interested can visit the company’s website to get more information.

By Greg Basich