SALT LAKE CITY - The State of Utah Fleet Division is on its way to meeting the state goal of improving overall energy efficiency by 20 percent by the year 2015.

As part of its efforts to meet the state's aggressive energy goals, the Division of Fleet Operations implemented AssetWorks' FleetFocus software for the data needed to guide the policies and actionable items.

The state set forth several key areas for energy improvement, including:

  • Driver behavior improvement.
  • Vehicle right-sizing.
  • Fleet right-sizing.
  • Incorporating new vehicle and fuel technologies.

"This significant change in fleet management relies on data. You must have data and the ability to make decisions as large as this. We have not adversely changed our repair and maintenance costs, we have saved the taxpayer large amounts of money," said Scott Bingham, assistant fleet manager, State of Utah Fleet Operations Division.

The Division of Fleet Operations also performed a detailed study of depreciation, maintenance costs, repair costs and warranty coverage that revealed a potential annual savings of $1.8 million through the extension of vehicle life cycles. These changes and initiatives have translated into measurable results, including:

  • Total number of miles driven by the fleet decreased by nearly 3.5 percent.
  • Total amount of fuel required by the fleet decreased by almost 3 percent.
  • CO2 emissions reduction of 3,700 metric tons, equivalent to taking 672 vehicles off the road.

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