ELGIN, IL – Elgin Sweeper, a provider of environmentally efficient street sweepers, announced that Canada's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program has verified the data from air quality performance tests conducted by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) on two Elgin Sweeper models - a Crosswind NX regenerative air street sweeper and a mechanical Waterless Eagle FW mechanical street sweeper. The ETV verification also confirms that PAMI's tests followed the City of Toronto "PM10 and PM2.5 Street Sweeper Efficiency Test Protocol, Version 1," issued in 2008 - also known as the Toronto Sweeper Testing Protocol. A summary of the results of the Elgin Sweeper air quality tests is available for review at www.etvcanada.ca/verifiedtechs.asp.

"Elgin Sweeper is committed to providing cities and communities around the world with environmental solutions that reduce air pollution and storm water pollution. Now more than ever, our customers are looking for measurable results-and the equipment they need to be compliant with tough environmental regulations," said Brian Giles, sweeper products manager at Elgin Sweeper. "With the PAMI test results, we have credible, quantifiable data that proves the Elgin Crosswind NX and Waterless Eagle sweepers remove small particulate matter from roads and city streets without the release of potentially harmful fine dust from the operation of the sweepers into the atmosphere. This results in improved public health, air and stormwater quality, as well as cleaner streets."

Based in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, PAMI is an applied research, development and testing organization that provides independent, third-party testing of vehicles, machinery and components used in agriculture, transport, military, aeronautics, forestry, and mining industries.

"We are excited to be at the forefront of sweeper technology," said Ron Schmidt, vice president of technology development for the Environmental Solutions Group, which includes Elgin Sweeper. "The ETV verification confirms that the PAMI test results are valid and that the testing was conducted per the Toronto Sweeper Testing Protocol. Given the PAMI test results, we anticipate that our innovative sweeping technologies will continue to revolutionize the way cities and municipalities manage their air pollution efforts."

"Elgin Sweeper has made a significant investment in conducting independent, credible, repeatable tests to measure the sweeping efficiency of its sweepers on improving air and stormwater quality," Schmidt said. "From our alternative fuel-powered sweepers and waterless dust control sweepers, to our regenerative filtration systems, Elgin Sweeper develops innovative products that result in cleaner streets, water and air."

Schmidt added that other brands within the Environmental Solutions Group - such as Vactor Manufacturing and Guzzler Manufacturing - further enhance environmental well-being with such products as Vactor sewer cleaners and Guzzler air movers and industrial vacuum trucks that remove contaminants from stormwater retention ponds and industrial sites.

The ETV Program is designed to support Canada's environmental industry by providing credible and independent verification of technology performance claims. ETV Canada is the independent verification organization which manages Canada's Environmental Technology Verification Program under a license agreement with Environment Canada. ETV Canada also offers a reliable assessment process for verifying the environmental performance claims associated with projects and programs, as well as technologies.

To learn more about Elgin Sweeper's role in reducing air and storm water pollution, or to find out how to make Elgin Sweeper's proven waterless sweeping technology part of your community's best management practices, please visit www.elginsweeper.com/airandwater. For additional information on Elgin Sweeper's line of sweepers or to schedule a demonstration, please visit www.elginsweeper.com or see your local Elgin Sweeper dealer.