DENTON, Texas --- Peterbilt’s medium-duty hybrid vehicles purchased in the United States are eligible for a tax credit of up to $12,000 from the federal government, the company said. 

The Department of Treasury's heavy manufacturing and transportation group certified the Peterbilt Model 335 Class 7 and Model 330 Class 6 Hybrid Electric vehicles as eligible for these credits.


The maximum $12,000 credit for Class 7 hybrids is available for the Model 335 Hybrid Electric in both utility-boom and pickup and delivery applications when equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine and an Eaton hybrid system.

A $6,000 credit, the maximum for Class 6 hybrids, is available for the Model 330 Class 6 Hybrid Electric in utility-boom and pickup-and-delivery applications when equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine and an Eaton hybrid system.

"Peterbilt's product breadth in hybrid vehicles is pacing the industry with research and development in four applications for Class 6 through Class 8 trucking segments," said Larry Reding, assistant general manager of sales and marketing for Peterbilt Motors Company. "The federal tax credit combined with the over 30-percent fuel efficiency gains makes these products very attractive for our environmentally conscious customers."   


The Model 335 Hybrid Electric uses components that provide up to a 30- to 40-percent improvement in fuel efficiency, when configured for a utility application. These fuel savings are realized through both an on-road fuel economy gain and an 80-percent reduction in engine idling, through electric operation of the Power Take-Off (PTO) using the on-board lithium-ion batteries, Peterbilt said.

The Model 330 Hybrid Electric is available with a 26,000-pound GVW rating, and can be configured for non-CDL operation with hydraulic brakes for a greater range of driver options. The integration of the Eaton Hybrid Drive System and the 260-horsepower PACCAR PX-6 engine delivers up to 860 ft-lbs of torque. Launching the vehicle electrically in an urban driving cycle can easily achieve fuel economy benefits in excess of 30 percent, Peterbilt said. 


Originally posted on Green Fleet Magazine