ARI will exhibit at the 2014 Fleet Safety Conference in Schaumburg, Ill., from July 22-23. ARI's team of safety and driver services specialists will be in attendance at table #17 to discuss the challenges that come with managing and minimizing driver risk, as well as the latest industry trends.

In addition, ARI will host a breakout session that will explore ways for fleets that operate in off-road areas to decrease driver risk. Vocational fleets operating in settings such as oil patches, quarries and construction sites are susceptible to an increased rate of injuries; this session will review best-in-class procedures for the safe use of vehicles as well as driver training programs to help minimize a fleet's risk exposure.

The session, taking place Tuesday, July 22 at 3:10 p.m., will be hosted by ARI's Rich Radi, director of product development, and Ed Iannuzzi, manager of driver services.

"While most fleets are vulnerable to at least some level of risk, vocational fleets are more prone to accidents and injuries due to the conditions in which they operate," said Radi. "The goal for this breakout session is to help fleet managers in this sector learn how to increase the safety of their fleet operations by introducing comprehensive training programs and implementing best-in-class procedures."

For more information about the Fleet Safety Conference, please visit the event's website here. For more information about ARI, visit the company's website here.