MiX Telematics has recently added three new customers to its portfolio in Brazil. The new customers are Transgarbuio, Panorama, and Worley Parson’s.

Transgarbuio, which transports gasoline, ethanol and diesel as well as asphalt for BR Distribuidora, operates a fleet of 205 trucks has a MiX fleet management solution fitted to enable adherence to BR Distribuidora’s “Anex VIII” safety requirements, while the solution is also expected to heighten efficiency levels.

BR Distribuidora, for whom Transgarbuio transports goods, forms part of the Petrobras Group, which is the largest corporation in Brazil, according to MiX. Transgarbuio has three sites, one of which is 60,000 square meters and caters for the servicing and maintenance of its fleet.

MiX is monitoring 80 trucks for Panorama, a transporter for both BR Distribuidora and Transgarbuio. The company, headquartered in Maringá in the state of Parana, will also be using the MiX solution to deliver services according to BR Distribuidora’s “Anex VIII” safety requirements.

Another customer aiming to enhance safety among its fleet is global company Worley Parson´s, who have fitted a MiX Telematics fleet management solution in 15 of their vehicles including passenger cars and pickups. Most of the fitted vehicles operate in and around Monte Belo’s hydroelectric construction plant in the state of Pará, situated in the Amazon region.