Spireon is providing a 99.9% Service Level Agreement for customers of its automotive collateral management platform designed for organizations in the vehicle finance industry, including automotive finance companies, banks, credit unions and dealerships with in-housing financing, the company announced today at the NABD conference.

Clients of Spireon's four-time award-winning GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS automotive collateral management platforms are assured they will always have 99.9% access to their critical data to track vehicle assets in real-time, on-demand.

Key benefits for the automotive finance community include:

  • Reliability with industry-first 99.9% performance guarantee. Spireon's NSpire private cloud infrastructure has multiple levels of redundancy to eliminate any single point of failure.
  • Scalability. NSpire's NoSQL databases with in-memory storage provide the ability to increase capacity to meet additional or unexpected demand and eliminate delays in obtaining real-time information and reports, without the need for re-architecting.
  • Security. Spireon's network is comprised of multiple Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers strategically located nationwide, each top-tier data center adhering to stringent, industry-best practices for security controls and protocols.

Customers who sign up for Spireon's performance guarantee receive the peace of mind that they will have access to their SaaS telematics services on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis at a rate of 99.9%. For more information on how the program works, visit the Spireon website.

Spireon's automotive collateral management platform is a Web-based application that includes rich features such as interactive mapping, customizable reports, data security, customizable geo-fences and turnkey installation.