Diebold Inc. reduced its carbon footprint by 15 percent after adopting Spireon's game-based FleetLocate driver performance program, according to Spireon.

Diebold began testing the FleetLocate Joe Gibbs Driver Performance Program in 2012 to improve driver safety and reduce the company's carbon footprint. The program is designed to improve driver behavior through positive reinforcement, recognition, and contest-based incentives.

After the first season of Driver Performance, Diebold saw measurable improvements in multiple areas, including a reduction of vehicle speeds, idle time, hard braking and hard acceleration.

Diebold's commitment the environment has evolved into a fleet management environmental policy. FleetLocate and the Driver Performance Program are cornerstones of the program, according to Spireon.

Diebold also reports an impressive 15 percent reduction in fuel purchasing and a 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, according to Spireon.