The Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Oman (PAEW) had a critical need to proactively manage violations within its fleet of vehicles. The company reported unsafe and poor driver performance, accidents, speeding fines, high maintenance costs and excessive fuel consumption due to personal vehicle use.

To combat this problem, the PAEW implemented MiX Telematics’ FM Tracer. The solution has allowed PAEW to manage its fleet and communicate with its drivers. The solution’s tracking functionality is supported by fast and accurate GPS positioning, which is used in conjunction with GSM and GPRS, according to MiX. The FM Tracer offers useful tools such as trip replays, finding the nearest vehicle to a certain location and reports on movement history and vehicle utilization. This assists customers in the improvement of fleet efficiency.
Implemented in 2013, a total of 281 PAEW vehicles have been fitted with the MiX Telematics solution thus far. The remaining 119 vehicles will be installed throughout 2014, since they are located in remote areas in Oman.

The company achieved measurable results in terms of improving the management of its vehicles and drivers, achieving sharp reductions in major violations such as speeding, unfastened seat belts and harsh-braking, according to MiX. PAEW management said they were impressed by the effect the MiX Telematics solution had on their drivers’ attitudes and behavior, which resulted in improved driving practice. Using In-Vehicle-Monitoring-System data generated in conjunction with feedback and coaching of drivers, IVMS helped to improve drivers’ performance and by doing so contributed to a reduction of crash rates and a reduction in maintenance costs.

PAEW provides high-quality sustainable and reliable potable water and power services to all people in the Sultanate of Oman. The company is also the regulator for both water and electricity services in the Sultanate. In addition to this, PAEW is a direct water service provider, responsible for supplying potable water to most homes and businesses in Oman. In total, PAEW serves a population of more than 1.5 million people, transporting on average more than 650000 cubic meters of water per day.