Photo of Great Marked Square in Brussels, Belgium, via Wikimedia.

Photo of Great Marked Square in Brussels, Belgium, via Wikimedia.

Attendees of the Global Fleet Conference will participate in sessions covering setting up a global fleet vehicle strategy, compliance across international boundaries, and fuel management on the first day, according to organizers.

"One of the biggest issues in managing a multinational fleet is standardized global reporting between the various regions of operations," said Mike Antich, co-chair of the Global Fleet Management Conference. "The conference eliminates the need for a trial-and-error approach to global reporting by providing a case study featuring Johnson & Johnson explaining how it successfully addressed this issue."

The June 17 program from the conference in Brussels, Belgium, includes six sessions, as well as discussion of the results of an online survey by global fleet managers touching on the priorities and opportunities of global fleet management.

The first session, "How to set up a global car fleet strategy and a global fleet team," will lay out the basics of global fleet management. "Decision making in fleet management at global, regional and local levels" will offer a panel about the need to think local. The next session is a case study about compliance success stories that navigate cultural differences, local legislation, and taxation.

Sessions following lunch include "The quest for global reporting," a panel of fleet experts from emerging markets, and fuel management options.

View the full session list from Day 1 here. Register here.