Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) has unveiled its strategic truck for Africa in Tanzania. The custom-tailored trucks have now already reached their fourth market following the recent launches in Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Zambia. A total of five all-new FUSO ‘FA/FI’ light-medium- and ‘FJ’ medium-heavy-duty trucks were unveiled in early March to members of the media & prospective customers at Mlimani City in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The robust, fuel-efficient trucks, custom-tailored to meet the ever demanding customer expectations in the growth markets, reinforce FUSO’s leading presence in Africa and Asia, according to the truck maker. Rigorous testing has been assessed under the most strenuous driving conditions to ensure maximum reliability of the trucks. Starting with a whole new batch of 3 models, the ‘FI/FA’ light-medium-duty trucks and ‘FJ’ medium-heavy-duty trucks, further model expansion for Tanzania will be ongoing.

With the addition of the new robust FUSO truck range, further markets are planned to be added to the network with a view to unlocking the full sales potential in Africa, according to the company. To further increase unit sales in Africa, MFTBC is offering a “wider choice” for various applications and is additionally building up the sales and service network on a continuous basis.

The whole new batch of FUSO trucks comprises five new models, the light-medium-duty (GVW 9-16 tons referred to as ‘FA’ & ‘FI’) and the medium-heavy-duty (GVW 25-49 tons referred to as ‘FJ’, ‘FO’ & ‘FZ’), thus providing more choice to customers. These trucks will be exported and sold through MFTBC’s global network in Africa and Asia. Starting with the FJ truck, further model expansion for Tanzania will be ongoing, according to Mitsubishi Fuso.

FUSO FA/FI light-medium-duty trucks

The light-medium-duty FA and FI trucks are based on Daimler Trucks technical platform – Fighter medium-duty truck on the chassis and the Canter light-duty truck on the cabin – incorporating a newly developed 4D37 diesel engine (Displacement: 3,907 cc, Output: 100 kW (420 Nm) / 125 kW (520 Nm) and a 6-speed manual transmission.
FA: 4×2, GVW 9 tons, Cargo
FI: 4×2, GVW 12/16 tons, Cargo, Dump, Mixer

FUSO FJ/FO/FZ medium-heavy-duty trucks

The medium-heavy-duty FJ, FO, and FZ trucks based on Daimler Trucks technical platform – Mercedes-Benz Axor chassis and cabin – incorporates a newly developed 6S20 diesel engine (Displacement: 6,373 cc, Output: 170 kW (810 Nm) / 205 kW (1,100 Nm) and a 6- or 9-speed manual transmission.
FJ: 6×2/6×4, GVW 25 tons, Cargo, Dump, Mixer
FO: 8×2/8×4, GVW 31 tons, Cargo, Dump, Mixer
FZ: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, GCW 40/49 tons, Tractor