Photo via Wikimedia.

Photo via Wikimedia.

Donlen has introduced a toll management program under a new partnership with American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the fleet management company announced today.

Under the program, Donlen in collaboration with ATS manages the process of enrolling fleet vehicles with toll authorities, sending out transponders and other toll devices, and handling any violation disputes, said Brad Kacsh, Donlen's director of licensing services.

DonlenPass includes a dashboard within the company's FleetWeb fleet management system that provides detailed toll reports and help fleets control costs related to tolls and toll violations.

DonlenPass will cover 90 percent of the nation's major tolling areas.

"Toll violations account for more than half of all fleet violations," Kacsh said. "Through a customized dashboard, fleets now have full insight into their toll program, which ultimately gives them control over their toll spend and manages the risk and cost of toll violations."

Goodman Networks, a wireless network provider, has been using the services provided by Donlen and ATS to streamline toll management.

"As a result, I am able to dedicate more time to other areas of our fleet program without having to worry about tolls and violations," said Kelli White, Goodman's national fleet manager.

DonlenPass is a Donlen-branded verson of ATS' PlatePass, a centralized electronic toll payment service.