Campers who think they can escape fines by having a barbeque far out in the desert while hiding behind sand dunes will now have to think twice before leaving their rubbish behind — desert buggies are now patrolling the area, according to a report in Gulf News.

The Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department announced that it has launched 10 sport utility vehicle (SUV) bikes to get to areas that are otherwise difficult for regular vehicles to access. The new buggies will operate seven days a week in three shifts, and violators will be fined on the spot, according to the report.

Desert areas that will now be patrolled with the new vehicles include Wadi Al Amradi, Al Warqa’a, Al Aweer, Wadi Al Shabak and Al Tayy.

The department expects to introduce more desert buggies in the future, as they are more efficient than the patrol vehicles used presently, according to the Gulf News report.