Chevron announced the launch of Proformix fuel, a lower-emissions fuel for diesel engines that will be used by fleet vehicles in and around the port terminals of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA. The product will be marketed to commercial customers with centrally fueled fleets or equipment, including buses, waste management fleets, agricultural/construction equipment, and stationary power generators. Proformix fuel is a "water-in-fuel" diesel blend that uses Lubrizol's PuriNOx technology to lower particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions in direct-injection, diesel-powered engines. The new fuel significantly reduces PM and NOx. Chevron is introducing the new fuel in limited quantities to on-and-off highway commercial customers in Southern California. The California Air Resources Board verified this technology with test results concluding PM reduction by 63 percent and NOx by 14 percent.