Chart courtesy of Donlen.

Chart courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen has released analysis of fuel economy by model year for the three-month period of June, July, and August of 2013.

Strategic consultants analyzed data from Donlen's pool of fleet vehicles, including internal vehicle segment code, usage data from the Fleet MasterCard for fuel purchases, and vehicles with purchased gallons associated with valid mileage entries.

The final analysis also includes key observations that can impact a fleet, including cycling, cost savings, and technology.

"Through analysis, the consultants help Donlen drive down costs by assisting fleets in finding cost-effective vehicles that meet application requirements," said Amy Blaine, vice president of consulting, analytics, and sustainability. "Fleets that are able to move from an SUV to a sedan or an intermediate sedan to a compact sedan will save on both depreciation as well as fuel expense over the lifecycle of the vehicle."

Download the full PDF here.