Chart via Donlen.

Chart via Donlen.

Donlen has announced enhancements to their award-winning FleetWeb platform.

FleetWeb has undergone a major architecture implementation, with no downtime and seamless to customers. This enhancement works in the background to supercharge performance for users. FleetWeb's overall performance, page load times, and report run times equal — or many times exceed — the world's most efficiently run websites.

•         Uptime: 99.9% — world-class performance

•         Average page load time: 341 ms — about 1/3 of a second

•         Average report run time: 400 ms — 2/5 of a second

Users may notice a new grid technology interface in many areas within FleetWeb, including a new reporting tool which was launched earlier this month. The benefits of this are numerous, including:

•         Screens with large and/or complex grids will load up to 135 times faster (see the chart for our browser test results).

•         Screens will support larger data sets than before.

•         New grids have built-in sort, hide, and move column capabilities.

•         Grid column widths can be adjusted based on user preference.

•         User efficiency improvements such as the addition of a Check All box on the grid.

Additional grids within FleetWeb will be converted in later phases and any new grid that is developed going forward will use this technology. This is an exciting user interface upgrade and performance efficiency that will boost both internal Donlen and external customer productivity.