Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen announced the upcoming release of their enhanced reporting tool, available for customers via their FleetWeb platform. The tool will be available to FleetWeb users on Nov. 4.

"For our customers, reporting is one of the most important functions within FleetWeb, so we're very excited about this release," said Dennis Straight, Donlen's senior vice president and CIO. "We worked with customers to obtain their feedback throughout the development process, and we're confident this enhancement will help them increase their day-to-day productivity. This is always the most important aspect of anything we do here."

Key features include a revised user interface with a fully customizable grid layout and tabbed format to increase user satisfaction. New functionality includes complete integration with Google Maps and Donlen's DriverPoint Telematics, a fully searchable report catalog including report description, and instant filtering.

"The features we've included in this version come directly from the feedback we received from customers," Straight said. "At Donlen, we're continually working to streamline their processes, and all of our IT initiatives work toward this goal."

A series of customer informational/training webinars are scheduled for mid-November. For more information about Donlen, visit the company's website.