General Motors reported its retail and fleet sales for the month of August, and stated that fleet sales were down 8 percent and retail sales were up 22 percent. Automotive Fleet wanted to find out more about how different fleet segments performed in the month given the change for the month and spoke with James Cain, senior manager, executive and sales communications for GM.

In August, sales to commercial fleets were up compared to a year ago, sales to rental fleets were flat, and sales to government fleets were down, according to Cain.

“Our fleet sales were down about 8 percent, which reflects a number of factors, including the temporary discontinuation of our mid-size pickups, and fewer fleet deliveries of cars like Impala and Malibu,” Cain said.

Regarding the automaker’s retail sales, comparing August this year to last year, GM’s Cadillac brand was up 38 percent, Buick was up 37 percent, GMC was up 14 percent, and Chevrolet was up 10 percent.

By Greg Basich