According to a survey of 900 filling stations taken by the Department of Energy (DOE) during the week which ended on May 28, the retail price of gasoline fell by 1 cent to $1.387 per gallon. During the week, which included the Memorial Day holiday, the traditional start of the summer driving season, prices were 31.7 cents, or 19 percent, lower than the same time a year earlier. According to the survey, prices fell most in the Midwest, dropping 2.7 cents to an average $1.378 per gallon. The Southeast, where regular gasoline dropped to an average $1.316, was the cheapest place to buy fuel, followed by the Gulf Coast, where prices dropped by 0.4 cents to $1.318. The West Coast, particularly California, was the most expensive, dropping 0.3 cents to $1.554 per gallon.