The world’s first commercial application of GE's LNG In A Box system will be for LNG fueling stations in Europe to be delivered by Luxembourg-based LNG firm Gasfin through its operating company AIR-LNG.

Gasfin has signed a memorandum of understanding with GE to install five LNG In A Box units serving “clusters” of LNG fueling stations. The first unit will be installed near the border of Italy and Slovenia, with the potential for an additional 25 units for expansion into Europe and the CIS countries.

In comparison to GE’s Micro LNG plant announced last year, this new system offers customers a more standardized, modular fueling solution covering an LNG production range of 10,000 – 50,000 gallons a day (16-18 tons/day), according to the company. It expands GE’s existing LNG portfolio and is the first available in a 10,000-gallons-a-day capacity that reduces demand-side adoption risk and requires a remarkably low CapEx and OpEx commitment.

GE brings technology, supply chain efficiency and the ability to industrialize at scale; enabling an owner/operator to rapidly deploy an LNG fueling solution at a site in just two months. The plug-and-play solution minimizes engineering effort and civil requirements and lowers initial cost, scheduling, technical, permitting and financing risks with its factory-tested components and GE warranties, according to GE. The modules also can be redeployed as needed, thus mitigating the risk of a fixed installation by eliminating stranded infrastructure costs.

GE provides flexibility in LNG In A Box transaction structuring to meet customers’ fueling infrastructure and vehicle needs, with access to large amounts of capital and services. Through GE Capital, customers can take advantage of equipment financing products that can help mitigate up-front expense challenges. GE Capital Fleet Services also can provide financial and vehicle management programs to support both conventional and alternative-fueled vehicle fleets.

Each LNG In A Box unit is fully equipped with a gas pre-treatment system, cold box assembly, and boil off gas compressor as well as a GE’s turboexpander compressor, high-speed reciprocating compressor, electric motor, driver and control system. LNG In A Box units for Gasfin will be manufactured in the United States and will be shipped to Gasfin’s LNG fueling sites in Europe.

The new system is suitable for numerous industry sectors including highway transportation, marine, rail and remote industries such as mining and distributed power generation, according to GE. It further expands GE’s solutions portfolio for unconventional resources, consisting of more than 40 technologies that are addressing fundamental industry challenges, helping customers and the industry improve operational performance, reduce their environmental footprint and increase resource recovery while creating innovative technologies to drive demand for natural gas.