Aiming to protect its citizens, the National Government of Bolivia, approved the new Vehicular Monitoring System for Interdepartmental Public Transportation Passenger Buses (SISMOVE-GPS). The system SISMOVE-GPS establishes the gradual installation of 2,000 GPS tracker devices into the country's interdepartmental fleet of buses, which will be provided by Tramigo.

This will allow the Bolivian Police to control and monitor the speed and location of public buses, in an effort to reduce the high rate of road fatalities. Furthermore, with this regulation the Bolivian Police seek to induce good driving practices amongst the public bus drivers. And, as it was announced by the General Director of Transport Ariel Cortes, it may bring sanctions in case of non-compliance with the regulations.

Tramigo, a Finnish company, is a manufacturer of GPS Tracking devices. Tramigo products are used worldwide by individual consumers, small and medium enterprises, large corporations and government entities.

Tramigo T22 is a fourth generation tracking device, is entirely manufactured in-house, and is the ultimate fleet tracking and management solution, according to the company. Tramigo’s T22 GPS tracker comes complete with more than 10,000 local landmarks specially designed for Bolivia.