BusinessTrack has provide nearly 200 of its C4evo telematics blackbox devices, which have already been installed in Heineken’s Benelux fleet and connected to the T3 platform.

The T3 vehicle management platform is a solution from Beta Nine, a Benelux provider of management and reporting solutions. The T3 platform is built to adapt to various requirements, fleet types and devices and to switch easily if and when necessary.

Martijn Grijzenhout, co-owner of BusinessTrack, commented: “The C4evo telematics blackbox is very well priced for the array of features it contains, such as wired temperature, iButton, in/output ports. We also found it very easy to program and integrate with our platform.”

In fact it has become a key element of BusinessTrack’s offering as it perfectly matched Heineken’s requirements for an objective insight on miles driven and stops made by its trucks across its nine depot center in The Netherlands, according to BusinessTrack.

As for the future, BusinessTrack’s Grijzenhout is envisioning a number of expansions to the C4evo’s array of features, including tire pressure measurement systems (TPMS), which will alert the driver and fleet manager if tire pressure is too low.