GreenTech Automotive, the U.S.-based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient vehicles, including the MyCar, a two-seat all-electric vehicle, has signed a distribution agreement that will see its All Electric MyCar distributed throughout Europe by Spijkstaal Elektro B.V.

Spijkstaal will launch MyCar initially in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden, which represent more than 67 percent of the total market and the top countries projected for the highest adoption of battery electric vehicles, according to GreenTech.

Spijkstaal, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a commercial electric vehicle provider and has forged their reputation on delivering innovative and sustainable technology solutions to corporate, government, military and fleet customers for 75 years, according to GreenTech.

According to the U.S. automaker, MyCar is an ideal solution for corporations, government entities, rental car fleets, and corporate and college campuses in addition to individual transportation use such as commuting and daily errands. MyCar is expected to evolve into other vehicle models, including a micro pick-up and delivery vehicle. GreenTech also plans to manufacture a larger MyCar EV beginning in 2014.