PHH Arval, a leading fleet management services provider, has been named to Baltimore Magazine’s 2013 “Best Places to Work” list. The annual list honors companies in the Baltimore area known for their positive work environments, dynamic leadership, and employee appeal.

Baltimore Magazine describes the companies on the best places to work list as those that “employees really want to roll out of bed for, ones with a bright future, and with serious rewards, be they financial, in the form of perks, or intellectual gratification.”

“We’re honored to receive this recognition. Our employees are the driving force behind our company and their love for their jobs and their commitment to our clients creates a positive, rewarding atmosphere where we all can succeed,” said George Kilroy, president and chief executive officer of PHH Arval. “This is great news for our customers as well, since our business is a service business, so it’s all about the people. Having a positive work environment is a key part of our ability to deliver on our promise.”

For the past eight months, Baltimore Magazine has been speaking with employees, recruiters, business development leaders, and community leaders, as well as promoting a survey on their website. Chosen companies must be financially healthy and hiring new employees in the coming year.

“Some of our employees have been working with us for decades, which has created a true sense of family and gives us a shared history,” said Kilroy. “At the same time, we’re always looking to augment our talent base and infuse our team with fresh perspectives and new ideas.”