PHH Arval has introduced PHH InterActive 4.3, a new release of its business-to-business Internet website. PHH InterActive 4.3 features several major new capabilities: 1. Electronic delivery of new and amended unit notices on fleet vehicles: Clients will now receive their new and amended unit notices elec-tronically via PHH InterActive. These online notices expedite new vehicle transactions; eliminate the process of sending notices by mail; and are available in one common location, accessible to both clients and PHH employees, for a vehicle's service life plus 13 months. 2. Electronic billing: PHH's North American clients will now receive expanded billing functionality. Monthly invoices will be available directly through PHH InterActive. Clients can review actual invoices online and link to more information on specific transactions, a standard feature in PHH InterActive. Clients can also securely permit others in their organizations (e.g., Accounts Payable) to access the monthly bill without having access to other sections of PHH InterActive. 3. Expanded ability to manage driver information: Coming in Spring 2002, PHH InterActive will offer more options to capture, track and update a wider variety of infor-mation on drivers, service cards, and vehicle units. 4. PHH FleetSense: Also coming soon, subscribers to PHH's Fleet-Sense service - a fully automated management tool that provides the information needed to measure and monitor fleet costs, without odometer reporting - will be able to access an entire menu of reports and bench-mark their fleet costs against a variety of composite reports. PHH InterActive is a secure B2B website where more than 10,000 PHH client users access fleet information and management capabilities.