Sponsored by AFLA and Wheels, the Edward Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year award is named after the late Bobit Business Media founder.   -  Photo:Bobit

Sponsored by AFLA and Wheels, the Edward Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year award is named after the late Bobit Business Media founder. 


A distinguished group of 15 fleet management leaders are nominated for the 2023 Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year award. Curious who the finalists were in 2022

The nominees, presented below in alphabetical order, include some of the most progressive, respected, and efficient professionals working in fleet today. The award is sponsored by AFLA and Wheels.

Scott Carey

Fleet Manager, Bristol Myers
Years in Fleet: 26

Based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Scott Carey is Fleet Operations Manager North and South America for Bristol Myers Squibb. His fleet career also includes stints at Reddy Ice as national director of fleet and logistics; Dr. Pepper Snapple Group as director Logistics, and fleet positions at Pepsico.

His notable accomplishments include reducing delivery fleet size by more than 40% through improved asset utilization and a strategic seasonal asset rental program; improving driver productivity 15% while reducing out-of-service time by 20%; and implementing a network optimization project that saves $ 2.5 million annually.

In addition, Carey Implemented new delivery systems across165 locations and 4,000 delivery routes producing $4 million in labor savings; increased loading and warehouse productivity by more than 8%; and cut fuel and maintenance expenses by $16 million. A priority for Carey is maintaining policies that keep his drivers safe behind the wheel.

Pat Cameron

Category Manager – Fleet, Enbridge
Years in Fleet: 13+

With passion for innovation and dedication to achieving tangible results, Patrick Cameron is a team builder, fostering an environment of mutual respect among his partners. He has spearheaded some of the Enbridge’s key initiatives, including digital transformation and carbon reduction while managing a diverse fleet of varying fleet types comprising 7,000+ assets across North America.

His digital accomplishments include implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, significantly improved Enbridge’s user experience, and streamlining operations through use of single ID access for technology applications, improving fuel cost management, decreasing in premium fuel spend, and controlling miscellaneous purchases.

He actively collaborates with his fleet management company Element to implement fleet safety programs. Cameron also proactively embraces alternative fuels to power the Enbridge fleet, exploring hydrogen, propane and EV vehicles across Canada.

Ted Chan

Fleet Manager, Schindler Elevator Corporation
Years in Fleet: 6+

According to his staff and colleagues, Ted Chan “lives, breathes, eats and sleeps fleet efficiency” He manages 3,800 vehicles and is dedicated to fulfilling Schindler’s tough corporate CO2 emissions goals.

He currently spearheads the Schindler fleet electrification project, which includes a commitment with Canoo to introduce 50 battery/electric to fleet this year. With fleet operations ROI another important focus, Chan has reduced underutilized fleet and brought efficiency to remarketing processes, cutting the resale process by weeks. Technologically-savvy and exhibiting extensive automotive knowledge on paper and in the garage, Chan leans into the future to optimize fleet operations.

An advocate for the company, he helps bridge the gap between the Schindler and its fleet company Holman. A responsive and problem-solving leader, Chan is transparent in communicating changes in fleet policies and procedures. Colleagues cite his infectious positive attitude in motivating others to do their best.

Aisha Cox

National Manager, Fleet Management, Tesla Energy Operations
Years in Fleet: 20+

Aisha Cox is a proven changemaker in fleet management with more than 20 years of experience in strategic and operational roles. She manages a complex 2,500+ unit fleet comprising ICEs and EVs, ranging from sedans and passenger vehicles to medium and heavy duty trucks as well as equipment, trailers, and forklifts.

Focusing on operational productivity, Cox developed a working group of internal and external SMEs, including her FMC partner, to identify key opportunities. The initiatives included replacing a significant majority of fleet units with 2019 or newer models, using strategically savvy measures such as direct outreach via LinkedIn to locate units in the field at upfitters or dealers.

Cox has completely transformed Tesla’s reporting and analytics to facilitate informed tactical and strategic decision making. She maps tasks her staff performs and time spent on each to optimize efficiency, automation, and new streamlined processes. Cox also expanded the mobile after-hours vehicle maintenance and washing suppliers to reduce downtime, providing more immediately available revenue generating assets.

Other accomplishments include producing $1 million in revenue from remarketing an aging inventory and securing $1.4 million in savings by pivoting to factory orders versus dealer stock. Adopting fleet management best practices Cox has laid the foundation for long-term, sustainable savings across the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Bob Eggerss

Program Manager, Global Fleet & Equipment Corteva Agriscience 
Years in Fleet: 30+

Managing a highly complex agricultural-focused fleet at Corteva, Bob Eggerss employs his decades of experience to safeguard against seasonal risks to both fleet productivity and operating costs. His evergreen emphasis on contingency planning and preparation for the unexpected proved particularly valuable as fleet managers globally navigated the uncertainty of OEM production delays and other pandemic-driven headwinds.

Eggerss’ long advocacy and prioritization of acquiring high-end vehicles with top-tier trims paid dividends throughout 2022 and during 2023, a strategy that has helped hire and retain high performing talent and bolstered remarketing. His dedicated focus on fleet productivity with strong policy compliance each year has resulted in an operation capable of withstanding some of the significant market disruption caused by the pandemic.

Sharon Etherington

Sr. Manager, Regional Administrative Services, Roche Diagnostics 
Years in Fleet: 15+

Sharon Etherington is a decisive manager, a promoter of industry excellence and a fleet innovator. An fleet initiative was fleet electrification beginning in 2005. Through gradual adoption of hybrids, then PHEVs and BEVs, the fleet currently is 82.8% hybrid and 12.22% PHEV/BEV, with the goal of being fully electric by 2030. Etherington generously shares her electrification experience and knowledge throughout the industry.

A well-planned change management program to guide drivers in the EV transition includes assessing driver readiness, identifying adaptable drivers, vehicle training, communicating updated company policies, driver EV experience surveys, and bimonthly conference calls.

In 2022, Etherington achieved more than $3.4 million in savings through OEMs incentives, contractual rebates, time saved by directing drivers to mobile app usage and many other initiatives. A driver satisfaction program resulted in a positive response rate of 88%. Etheridge’s comprehensive safety program, which emphasizes driver engagement, has consistently reduced accident rates with preventable accidents down 23.8% YOY.

She also actively promotes efficiency-producing electronic driver tools, to access documents, check registrations and new vehicle status, trace fuel usage and complete monthly mileage reporting. Current driver use rate of these tools measures 79%. Supporting the industry, Etherington has been active in NAFA, AFLA and Fleet Forward. She received the 2019 Fleet Visionary of the Year Award, 2020 AALA Fleet Safety Award and 2022 AFLA President’s Award.

Kimberly Fisher

Director of Global Fleet and Travel, NOV Inc. 
Years in Fleet: 20+

Fisher has been in the fleet industry for more than 20 years and with National Oilwell Varco for more than 10 years. She and her team have effectively managed the fleet as it continuously fluctuates in size to accommodate industry demands. She currently manages the company’s expanding global fleet and travel programs. Being flexible and agile to shift as the company’s needs change is one of Fisher’s strengths.

She and her team’s ability to meet the needs of their field is key to their success as a department. Fisher successfully implemented the concept of cycling services bodies onto new chassis to extend the life of the service body, a change- management process for her field. Historically, the field has viewed the service body as part of a single chassis, therefore good for only one cycle.

Moving to a multi-chassis cycle will save $2 million by 2024. Fisher is active in industry events and serves on the GM Commercial Sounding Board, the Element Customer Advisory Board and the recipient of the 2021 Global Fleet Visionary Award.

Eunice Lopez

Director of Enterprise Fleet, CPS Energy 
Years in Fleet: 2+

Eunice Lopez has given her heart and soul to CPS Energy’s Fleet Department since taking the reins as director in 2021. She initiated the use of technology and analytics to drive more efficient practices and right-sizing initiatives. For example, she led efforts to install telematics on nearly 1,500 vehicles. By leveraging telematics data, Lopez oversaw the migration of vehicle data to the work order system and replacement matrix.

Lopez also led efforts to implement key kiosks at each of CPS Energy service center, allowing keys to be stored centrally and checked-out using employee badges. She championed the Fleet Notification Portal, which provides a digital one-stop shop for customers to request key replacements, license plates, or servicing. Most notably, Lopez leads her team with empathy, patience, and support, taking time to get to know every technicians at each of eight garages.

In the relatively short time, she has been in Fleet, Eunice has earned the respect and trust of her team. She has empowered the team to feel proud of their own contributions and vision for the future. 

Barry Lowry

Director, Global Operations; LabCorp 
Years in Fleet: 26

Managing a 6,000-vehicle fleet of sedans and SUVs, Barry Lowry brings a wealth of experience to his post, serving the company’s fleet well the pandemic OEM shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, chip and raw material shortages and transport delays.

Facing OEM allocation limitations, Lowry remained committed to optimal replacement as a critical piece of fleet management. However, he had to give up his annual one-to-one planning process to create a post-ordering inventory management strategy from scratch. Hardly an easy process, the process required advanced planning; teamwork and effective communications with both the FMC and the OEM; temporary storage solutions; additional costs. However, Lowry’s decision proved right for his fleet.

Over the past two years, the fleet improved the ratio of aging vehicles to new vehicles. As of January 2023, the fleets’ active inventory of three-yea-old units or less is 78%. Consequently, LabCorp has maximized a strong used vehicle resale market, realizing $8.4 million in resale credits in 2022. Consistent ordering and adding hybrid EVs, the fleet improved fuel economy year over year, reaching 26.6 mpg in 2022.

Lowry also successfully managed an increase in repair volume as his fleet grew, creating manual and customized methodologies and maintained effective communication with his FMC. He expects in the coming year to return to his one-for-one replacement planning and emerge from the recent industry crises without playing “catch-up” with an aging, costly fleet.

Joseph Lukacs

Global Director of Fleet Operations, The Sherwin Williams Company 
Years in Fleet: 8+

Joseph Lukacs has driven process improvements and cost savings for multiple organizations both domestically and globally. He manages a mixed commercial fleet of SUVs, vans, cargo vans and trucks, totaling more than 8,000 vehicles in the U.S. and another 3,000+ worldwide.

In 2021, a deep dive analysis of the rental process resulted in 15% reduction in rental days for passenger vehicles with mechanical issues, increasing uptime while generating significant cost savings. Taking advantage of recent favorable remarketing environments, Lukacs adjusted replacement cycle parameters to help net an 90% increase in total remarketing gains YOY.

A Six Sigma Black Belt, he systematically developed an EV fleet: researching every aspect from sourcing vehicles to charging options and engaging his FMC to develop and refine a scalable implementation. He has continued expanding the fleet’s EV totals by incorporating vehicles from multiple manufacturers and refining the homegrown, pilot-test-proven charger installation process.

In addition to the tangible challenges of transitioning to EVs, Lukacs nurtured a culture change, through executive briefings, stakeholder buy-in, store trainings, driver education and the introduction of company policies. Active in the industry, he is a member of several boards — GM EV, GFAB - Global Fleet Advisory Board — and generously shares his expertise with novices and seasoned peers providing advice, feedback and encouragement that has enriched many fleet careers.

A participant in his FMC’s EV Summit, Lukacs is also a member of GM Fleet’s electric vehicle advisory board.

Amy McAdams

Fleet Manager, Farmer Brothers 
Years in Fleet: 15+

In a challenging and volatile market, Amy McAdams had to be strategic in her approach to meet Farmer Brothers goals. Over the past year, she managed a $1 million cost-savings initiative. She a technology power user, facilitating her actionable fleet decisions. These decisions, backed by data, have uncovered areas of opportunity.

Driver safety has been a Farmer Brothers priority, and McAdams has stressed the telemetry data crucial to overall driver behavior improvements. This new focus, with driver monitoring, helped lower Farmer Bros accident rates and reduce insurance premiums.

She successfully navigated the 2022 supply chain shortages and OEM cancellations. When the order banks closed and orders were cancelled, she ensured she had allocation but bridged the gap on cancelled orders. Vehicles were located on dealer lots across the country, and McAdams proactively convinced her leadership the units were right for Farmer Bros Coffee.

Working with leadership, she diversified the fleet to set the operation up for success during the next order cycle. The new units McAdams Amy helped procure replaced older, high cost fleet assets, which were incurring a higher than average fuel consumption and maintenance expense. She recognized increased repair costs and downtime would impact Farmer Brothers product delivery.

Karen Mongelli

Director, National Fleet, Black & McDonald
Years in Fleet: 30+

Karen Mongelli oversees multi-trade service provider Black & McDonald’s fleet. Over the past 18 months, she has focused on positioning the fleet as a strategic asset to help the company navigate inflationary pressures and market uncertainty. To sustainably control operating costs through disciplined yet dynamic maintenance programs, Mongelli has reduced per-vehicle maintenance cost by 7% and average maintenance cost per transaction by 30%.

Rigid asset replacement has kept maintenance costs flat YOY. Other budget-control accomplishments include designing a cost-effective policy for service transactions and directing drivers to either the fleet’s FMC’s network or Black & Donald’s internal maintenance garage based on vehicle type.

A female leader in a male-dominated space, Mongelli is a proven trusted voice, capable of both strategic foresight and execution prowess. She sits on the CAD/AVL board and is gracious with her platform, frequently sharing best practices and amplifying how other fleet managers can succeed across North America.

Bob Mossing

Global Fleet Director, STERIS Corporation
Years in Fleet: 23

Bob Mossing manages a global fleet of 4,200 vehicles for STERIS, which includes company-provided vehicles and vehicles on reimbursement that follow fleet policy. Mossing’s ability to apply nimble policy adjustments and use creative solutions to adapt to the current market conditions has been effective in maintaining a young, well-run vehicle fleet.

As the supply chain shortage impacted maintenance costs for aging fleets, Mossing developed strategies to adapt to OEM allocation challenges and supply issues: purchasing “newer” used vehicles from various and mitigating preventative maintenance transactions at quick lubes. Under his leadership, the STERIS fleet can boast of best in class preventative maintenance compliance, national account utilization, and ordering practices. As a result, the STERIS fleet saw improvements in uptime, most recently with average repair cycle time of 0.87 days.

Mossing continuously seeks to streamline the fleet while presenting to leaders and managers key performance indicators such as development of new tools and dashboards as well as reinforcement of positive behaviors and proactive fleet reminders. In addition, Mossing is creating a plan for electrification, including pilot development, as well as a best in class safety program, a favorite topic for Mossing, who currently cohosts a podcast series “Fleet Safety Geeks.”

Abe Stephenson

Fleet and Operations Manager, DISH
Years in Fleet: 16+

According to colleagues, Abe Stephenson is one of the few fleet managers who directs all aspects of fleet. An out-of-the box thinker, he manages several fleets totaling 3,800 vehicles across the DISH business lines, including DISH and OnTech branded vans, Boost Mobile sedans, 4x4 trucks for Tower Climbers and Drone Pilots, and most recently the 4x4 trucks and AWD SUVs used by the 5G Deployment teams.

Notably, he and his team built the 5G Deployment fleet by requiring the negotiation of new factory orders across OEMs, dealer stock purchases, new rental truck partners, and transfers from other areas of the business, to support the company's buildout plans and timelines.

Stephenson worked with one of his FMCs to transfer vehicles from another client, enabling DISH to retire older vehicles on schedule and participate at scale in today's elevated resale environment. He continues to maintain loyal relationships with vehicle OEMs, allowing the required flow of new vans and trucks to maintain normal business operations and minimize overspend in other areas.

Finally, the DISH team negotiated favorable terms with a GPS provider to enable use of vehicle OEM options that don't require aftermarket devices, plus solutions for new asset types such as trailer mounted generators. 

Charlie Stevenson

VP Fleet, Essential Utilities
Years in Fleet: 39

Knowledgeable and experienced, Charlie Stevenson is a hands-on fleet professional, actively and intimately involved in his fleet’s daily operations. He knows his vehicles, his managers, the internal and the external needs of his organization, making his own decisions based on his real-time experiences.

Stevenson oversees fleet operations across the Essential 10-state footprint and is responsible for more than 2,600 vehicles and 1,100 pieces of mechanical equipment. He leads a team focused on serving and advocating for internal customers' needs, leads business enhancement efforts, drives strategic planning, and supports merger and acquisition work. He is also responsible for leading safety throughout fleet, chairing the company’s safety committee and overseeing a 16% decrease in total accidents from 2020-2021.

A known leader in alternative fuels, Stevenson earned the Alternatives Fuel Leadership award and Sustainability All-Star Winner recognition for reducing emissions and fuel consumption. He secured grants of more than $600,000 for both electric and CNG vehicles. He routinely engages suppliers to make sure his company needs are met (or exceeded) and holds each supplier accountable for their promises and deliverables. He has automated many manual processes and excels at providing efficiencies to the organization.

Over the past two years, Stevenson supervised a merger with Peoples Natural Gas, which brought 1,600 new employees and 1,300 new vehicles to Essential. He spearheaded the standardization of Essential’s fleet, generating more than $3 million in savings through consolidation of key suppliers, rightsizing the fleet, and selecting a new FMC.

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