Six year old subscription software provider, headquartered in Cardiff, Wales,  Wagoner...

Six year old subscription software provider, headquartered in Cardiff, Wales,  Wagoner experienced recent year-on-year growth of 120%.

Photo: Kate Branch, Pexels

Highly experienced fleet and leasing executive Mark Chessman has been appointed chairman of Wagonex, a vehicle subscription software provider.

Chessman is a storied automotive executive, with a CV that includes CEO at FMG, an incident management and recovery service company, COO at Redde Northgate, a rental and long-term lease provider, as well as deputy managing director at leasing provider Lloyds TSB Autolease, now Lex Autolease.

He joins the six-year old subscription software provider, which says it has recorded recent year-on-year growth of 120%, doubled the size of its team, attracted new financing and partnered with Volkswagen Financial Services UK and Cupra to allow customers to take out a three-month subscription.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, the Wagonex CEO Toby Kernon said, “To attract someone with Mark’s experience and caliber to Wagonex is testament to the work we have put in over the past few years to build this business, and to have him leading our board shows our intent in this market.

“The subscription model, we believe, is the future of car ownership. It is a hassle-free way for drivers to get on the road, knowing that all associated costs are covered in a monthly subscription cost. For manufacturers and dealerships, our Wagonex platform is a way for them to easily launch and manage their own subscription service using our white-labeled software.”

Mark Chessman (left) the new chairman of Wagonex with CEO Toby Kernon.

Mark Chessman (left) the new chairman of Wagonex with CEO Toby Kernon.

Photo: Wagoner

Commenting on his appointment as chairman, Chessman said, “We’ve been talking for around a decade about mobility and how vehicle ownership might change, and whether manufacturers will sell purely a car or a mobility bundle – like you would with a mobile phone. It’s about marrying up the consumer behavior change with new products and creating distribution channels to enable that.

“Through my Chairmanship, I’d like to see Wagonex deliver a further period of sustainable growth, developing a market and building a strong reputation from both vehicle providers and consumers that are using the platform. I’d like to help the business progress in a market that is sustainable and see an idea that has already developed come to fruition and achieve its full potential.”