From driver training to safety policies and breaking technology addiction, these articles should help keep you in the clear.  -  Photo: Canva

From driver training to safety policies and breaking technology addiction, these articles should help keep you in the clear.

Photo: Canva

Although there’s just one week left of April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it’s important to remember the importance of mitigating distractions on the road all year long.

To make it easy, Automotive Fleet gathered up some of the top distracted driving-focused articles into one place for quick reference. Share these with your colleagues and drivers to make sure safety stays top of mind.

  1. Fleet Managers Share Strategies to Combat Driver Distraction: A safe driver scoring system, telematics, continuous MVR monitoring, and behind-the-wheel training have all proven successful.
  2. 10 Ways to Minimize Distracted Driving: Known as ‘the new drunk driving,’ distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year. Here’s how work truck fleets deal with distracted driving temptations.
  3. Distracted Driving - Managing Inattentional Blindness: If you put employees behind the wheel, their most important job is to be defensive drivers who prevent accidents. However, it’s impossible for employees to prevent accidents if they’re distracted behind the wheel.
  4. Understanding & Breaking Technology Addiction: The more mobile devices become a part of our daily lives, the harder it is for us to pull our eyes of the screen when they should be on the road.
  5. Will Technology Save Fleets From Distracted Driving?: Driving while using one’s phone runs rampant and shows no signs of abating as the fleet sector looks to evolving deterrents and solutions.
  6. Put Down the Phone: Battling Distracted Driving: Accident management is challenging, and with the growing adoption of smartphones and in-vehicle technology, one way to make a big difference is by changing driver behavior.
  7. Addressing Driver Push Back to Video-Based Safety Systems: Drivers for Loram were hesitant about what they thought was "constant surveillance" at first, but in less than a month, that hesitance was put at ease.
  8. Big Data: When and Where Do Distracting Driving Events Occur?: Samsara reviewed millions of alerts to determine at what time of day, days per week, and average speeds when distracted driving events happen.
  9. Employers May be Contributing to Distracted Driving Crisis: One-third of business managers surveyed admit they expect employees to answer or participate in work calls while driving.
  10. The Risks of Eating and Driving: Eating or drinking while driving ranks just below holding or talking on a cellphone when it comes to prevalence of behaviors that distract drivers.
  11. BONUS! Video: A Distracted Driving Quiz: How much do you know about distracted driving? Take this quiz and find out. Video courtesy of Wochit.

Of course, there’s much more content on safety and distracted driving on our website and in the magazine, so stay tuned for even more content coming soon!

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