An article about tips for cleaning school buses during COVID-19 was the most-viewed feature on...

An article about tips for cleaning school buses during COVID-19 was the most-viewed feature on the SBF website this year.

File photo courtesy Elk Grove (Calif.) Unified School District

Feature articles that drew the most traffic on the School Bus Fleet website in 2020 included coverage of new onboard safety practices amid COVID-19 and strategies for training and staff management.

1. 8 Tips for Cleaning School Buses in the Age of Coronavirus
 The article recommends steps to take to ensure buses are as hygienic as possible including conducting a high-touch audit, considering no-touch cleaning systems, and using microfiber towels.

2. 7 Bus Safety Practices Districts Are Planning for School Start
Extra sanitizing, contact tracing, social distancing, and increased training and communication were some of the best practices that transportation directors implemented for school reopening amid COVID-19.

3. COVID-19 Survey: Pupil Transporters Contend With Staffing Adjustments, Routing Concerns
Conducted by SBF, findings included adjusting personnel duties, some downsizing due to school closures, and significantly boosted cleaning routines. Respondents anticipated major routing changes as schools reopened. 

4. Making the School Bus Ride Easier for Students With Autism in 7 Steps
Students with autism can become overwhelmed by the noise and crowded space on a school bus. Drivers and aides can help by accessing transportation plan information to minimize triggers, establishing consistent routines, and giving calm, clear direction. 

5. Message Received: Best Practices for Effective Radio Communication
Proper etiquette is critical to seamless operation between dispatchers and drivers. Tips on training and messaging included using equipment properly, creating clear emergency protocols, and keeping messages brief.

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