Real-Time Parent App Includes Fleet Management with Route Auto-Detection

BusWhere provides parents with accurate ETAs and the ability to see the bus moving on the map in real time. The system automatically detects when a different bus is running on a route, so no configuration changes are needed when buses are taken off-route for maintenance, service, or other reasons. The software’s FleetMap feature offers a detailed view of buses with route overlays so administrators can see which buses are driving where. BusWhere also includes a messaging portal where administrators can communicate using template-based responses to alert parents and students of accidents, breakdowns, or other delays, as well as provide ETA and location updates.

Interactive Training for Wheelchair Securement

The Q’Straint Training Aqademy offers a lineup of training and learning solutions, including free monthly webinars and the “Securement 101” online training course. This on-demand, interactive course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to wheelchair securement best practices and offers a two-year certification.

Stop Arm Features Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Predictive Stop Arm solution from SafeFleet/Seon monitors traffic approaching the school bus and makes use of radar technology and artificial intelligence to analyze when a stop-arm violation is likely to happen. The school bus driver is notified with a visual and audible alarm, and affected students are warned it might not be safe to cross with a spoken word alert projected from external speakers. Safe Fleet/Seon is currently piloting this solution with school districts such as St. Lucie (Fla.) Public Schools as an alternative approach to combat illegal passing.

System Can Provide Improved, 3D Exterior Views

REI’s 3D 360-degree HD Surround View Surveillance System provides enhanced visibility for parking and maneuvering buses and transit vehicles in difficult spaces. Drivers can expect comprehensive, exterior coverage with panoramic, bird’s-eye, and 3D views that help drivers see blind spots and around corners. Infrared technology is also built in to provide nighttime views.

Safety Products Designed to Enhance School Bus Visibility

The Illuminated Destination Sign and Illuminated Stop Arm are designed to effectively improve the conspicuity and motorist recognition of the school bus in dim lighting and dangerous weather conditions. The illumination technology enables the safety products to be seen from over 1,000 feet, read from over 300 feet, and visible up to180 degrees, according to the company.

Serving as their own light source, the products do not rely on any external lighting, such as vehicle headlights during dark lighting conditions. The lights are also designed with an increased service life. First Light plans to pilot test the safety products in New York, Nevada, and Georgia in early 2019. First Light is also reaching out to more school districts to include in its pilot program for the upcoming year.
First Light

Mobile App Offers Instant Routing, Verification Solutions

Zonar Verify is a driver facing mobile app for real-time verification of students, buses, and stops. Included with Verify is an online management portal, RouteBoard, for route coordinators and dispatchers to conduct daily bus assignment and route exception management. The app also works in conjunction with Zonar’s Z Pass, which is an RFID data collection process that provides instant rider information, such as the time, date, and location of each entry and exit from the bus. The Z Pass allows for real-time student search, child check, and Medicaid reporting, according to the company.

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