Software Offers Comprehensive Diagnostic, Repair Data

JPRO Professional is an in-shop diagnostic and repair solution from vehicle data solutions provider Noregon.

Using advanced capabilities, coupled with features like Repair Mentor, JPRO guides users to the correct diagnosis of a vehicle’s issues, which can improve a technician’s skill set and efficiency levels, according to the company. With built-in reports, live data monitoring, and bi-directional controls, users can diagnose and repair the vehicles they work on daily within a single application.

Users can also pair JPRO with Noregon’s integrated troubleshooting module called NextStep Fault Guidance to access features for repair work, such as wiring diagrams, removal and installation instructions, and the ability to view live vehicle data or launch bi-directional tests.


Support Stands Available in Multiple Weight Capacities

Stertil-Koni support stands are designed to securely support school buses and other vehicles, facilitating a range of maintenance procedures.

The support stands are generally used in even-numbered sets of 2, 4, 6, or more depending on the vehicle’s weight requirements, and are available in capacities from 7 to 18 tons per stand. The stands are also available in folding and fixed frames.

Each model includes a pin lock with a keeper attached to the stand with a steel retainer cable, and models that are over 36 inches tall include a spring in the support tube to minimize the risk of hand pinching, according to the company.

In addition to using the support stands with portable lifts, such as mobile column lifts, they can also be paired with a range of in-ground piston and scissor-style vehicle lifts.


Starter Designed for High-Output Power

The PowerPro 5 from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems is a new 12V 5kW drop-in replacement school bus starter designed to provide high-torque, high-starting power for diesel engines up to 10 liters.

Each PowerPro 5 starter features a planetary gear reduction design, an electrical soft-start relay that allows the pinion to engage the ring before cranking, and overcrank protection to shield the starter from high-temperature damage when starting the motor in extreme conditions.

The PowerPro 5 weighs less than 29 pounds, and has an integral magnetic switch and a copper brush plate to improve performance and conductivity, according to the company.

Prestolite Electric

Alternator Designed to Increase Service Life

The L28 from LoadHandler Power Products is designed to meet the performance needs for school buses, as well as many other heavy-duty applications. The drop-in replacement unit weighs 18.7 pounds, provides 200-amp output, and is rated at 221 degrees Fahrenheit (105 degrees Celsius).

The alternator is available in J180 and pad mount configurations, and includes heavy-duty bearing, rectifier, and diode for increased service life and performance in various operating environments, according to the company. The LoadHandler L28 also features remote sense capabilities and a dual internal fan design.

LoadHandler Power Products

System to Help Prevent Unsafe Vehicle Starts

InterMotive Vehicle Controls’ Starter Disable prevents an engine from starting if certain customizable safety conditions are not met. These unsafe conditions may include if the emergency exit is locked or open, the vehicle is not in “Park,” or the passenger door is open. If the driver or technician attempts to turn the ignition key in one of these potentially dangerous situations, the Starter Disable locks the ignition and activates an audible alert.

The Starter Disable is available for use on Type A school buses, and works in conjunction with electronics already in the vehicle. The Starter Disable also includes a switch input for custom setup, with installation requiring a plug and play connection without the cutting of factory wires.

InterMotive Vehicle Controls

Fleet Management Software Can Track Maintenance Costs

Fullbay’s cloud-based shop management software can help lower fleet costs by making the shop more efficient. The software offers Department of Transportation compliance by tracking preventive maintenance, offering searchable service history, and capturing maintenance costs. Drivers can also request repairs from an app, and technicians can document repairs on a tablet.


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