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A bill that would allow Vermont police to take a saliva sample from drivers who appear drug impaired received preliminary approval by the state's House on March 1. If the bill passes in a second vote on the House floor, it will move to the Senate.

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Vermont's Hands-Free Driving Law Takes Effect Oct. 1

Starting Oct. 1, a Vermont law will take effect that prohibits drivers from using handheld phones and other devices while the vehicle is in motion. Here is a report from ABC22 News. For the story, click here.

Vermont Bans Driver Use of Handheld Phones

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin on June 12 signed into law a bill prohibiting use of a handheld cell phone -- or other portable electronics device -- while driving. The ban goes into effect Oct. 1. Here's a video report from NECN.

Ford's P.I. Utility

Ford's P.I. Utility SUV offers increased cargo capacity and a 75 mph rear-end crash rating to law enforcement agencies. View our gallery of in-service Ford P.I. Utility vehicles, and then read "The New Recruits: In-Service Cop Cars" for detailed stories of agencies using them. Photos provided by the respective agencies and Christopher Holmes.