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Get it Right Each Time—How to Create a Successful Spec’ing Process

Spec’ing is one of the most complex functions of fleet management, requiring a careful balance of TCO, safety, and functionality. Asking the right questions will help fleet managers and their stakeholder partners develop the best spec to fulfill the fleet’s mission for the company.

9 Questions to Ask When Determining Your Truck’s Lifecycle

Determining when exactly to cycle your vehicles is a fine balance among many factors, from acquisition, through operation, and resale or asset disposal. Here are nine questions to answer when you’re deciding when and how to best cycle your trucks.

Wabash Opens Supreme Upfit Center in Florida

Supreme’s new Upfit Solutions and Service business is a one-stop shop for commercial vehicle upfitting, parts, and service for all makes of commercial truck and van bodies.

Auto Truck Group Expands Indiana Footprint

Auto Truck Group will build a new facility in Fort Wayne, Ind., that will help it nearly double its capacity to build and install equipment for commercial fleet vehicles.