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Who Are the REAL Fleet Managers?

There is a striking disparity among the nation’s keepers of fleets. A study of the demographics and personal profiles provides interesting answers.

Siemens Streamlines Vehicle Relocation

Once a tedious manual process involving faxes, telephone calls, and e-mails, moving Siemens fleet vehicles around the country to new assignments is now almost entirely automated, thanks to a Web-based management system.

Siemens Takes Fleet Detail to a New Level

Using new Web-based tools, Siemens North America can pinpoint where and why costs have changed over time. The tools also allow the company to calculate future budget needs using prior-year and year-to-date data.

Siemens Shared Services Leverages Fleet Expertise

Automotive Fleet congratulates the winner of its 2005 Professional Fleet Manager Award, Jim McCarthy, director, Vehicle Management Services for Siemens Shared Services. McCarthy's strategic decisions have led to in-house efficiencies and cost savings.

Siemens Fleet Consolidation Saves $520,000 Annually

Fourteen Siemens operating companies, which all had separate fleets prior to 1999, consolidated and became Siemens Shared Services. A department intranet site eliminated 13.5 days from the vehicle ordering cycle.