Photo: Volkswagen

Photo: Volkswagen

Siemens is renewing its UK fleet with Volkswagen Transporters. The new contract will see 20 Transporters join Siemens’ growing wind turbine engineering support team as part of the firm’s ongoing growth in the sector.

The 20 Transporters will join Siemens’ wind turbine engineering fleet, which is responsible for the installation, servicing and maintenance of the company’s wind turbine portfolio. Boasting excellent load carrying capacity, each Transporter has been equipped with bespoke racking to carry the equipment and spare parts essential for the commissioning and up-keep of the turbines.

With sustainability at the heart of all of Siemens business operations, the increased fuel-efficiency offered by the Transporter’s BlueMotion Technology was a pivotal point for securing the contract. Siemens opted for Volkswagen’s 4MOTION four-wheel drive system throughout the fleet of Transporters, according to the automaker.

“The Volkswagen Transporter offers a van that can not only match our very strict environmental standards, but also delivers the performance and payload capabilities that we require to operate our business effectively and efficiently,” Paul Tate, commodity manager at Siemens. “Working in locations that are often not accessible by road, our engineers require a van that can be relied on day-in-day-out to get them and their equipment to site without any issues. Volkswagen’s 4MOTION four-wheel drive system will work well on the kind of terrain that our engineering teams experience on a daily basis.”