Photo courtesy of Geotab.

Photo courtesy of Geotab.

After being selected by a British surveying fleet in Antarctica, Geotab is now offering telematics services to vehicles on all seven continents, the provider announced.

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will begin using Geotab products to support its diverse fleet of vehicles in Antarctica. The telematics solution will be used to report location and help improve driver safety.

BAS researchers track changes in critical Antarctic glaciers in order to better understand future sea level rise. The government agency's fleet includes snowmobiles, which BAS relies on to help carry out scientific programs across the harsh and constantly changing conditions of the Antarctic. To ensure the fleet remains reliable and succeeds in supporting vital environmental research operations in temperatures that can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius, Geotab Go OBD-II devices have been deployed across a number of BAS vehicles.

The vehicles will automatically send location information, and will include a Geotab IOX to act as a panic button to help ensure driver and operator safety.

By enabling drivers to alert local and United Kingdom-based management to serious problems, the panic button can help prevent minor accidents from escalating into life-threatening incidents, according to Geotab.