Photo via  Jimmy Emerson /Flickr.

Photo via Jimmy Emerson/Flickr.

Maryland will begin notifying vehicle owners this month about outstanding safety recalls as part of its registration process, according to a report in the Frederick News-Post. Maryland is the only state providing recall information to its vehicle owners.

The process is simple and efficient. Since Maryland has the vehicle identification numbers for all cars registered in the state, it runs those numbers through a recall database before sending out renewal notices. If a recall is found for a specific vehicle, those car owners are notified along with their vehicle registration reminders, according to a report on WTOP.

Under the pilot program, motorists will not be stopped from renewing their registrations if there is an open recall on their vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provided a $222,300 grant as funding for the two-year pilot program, reports the News-Post.

The push to get more motorists to implement recall repairs comes after NHTSA research found that approximately one in three cars nationwide are currently on the roadways with unfixed recalls, reports WTOP.

While safety recall information is available via the NHTSA website, that requires owners to be proactive and search for recalls. Manufacturers also routinely notify car owners of recalls, however, due to owners moving or cars being sold, the alerts may never reach the current vehicle owner.

The goal of the Maryland program is to streamline and expedite the process — ensuring that current car owners are aware of every safety recall. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has contact information for every driver in the state and can help get the information to drivers quickly and efficiently, reports the News-Post.