Photo via  Hongreddotbrewhouse /Wikimedia.

Photo via Hongreddotbrewhouse/Wikimedia.

The demand for alcoholic beverages on St. Patrick's Day will keep distributors busy with these deliveries, and one telematics company has determined where the most demand could come from by analyzing its data.

New England states will have the highest number of beer and wine deliveries in the nation, according to Verizon Connect. That may be in part because the region has the highest percentage of residents with Irish ancestry — 15% of the 32.3 million in the U.S.

In that region, Maine with more than 90 breweries in the state will have the longest daily beer delivery distance and longest driving hours for the entire year, according to Verizon Connect.

The West Coast will have the lowest number of beer and wine deliveries.

Also, more than 4.7 million miles are driven by beer delivery trucks in March and almost 314,000 trips are made for consumers to celebrate the holiday. Almost 50% more trips are being made by fleet delivery trucks in Milwaukee than any other beer city in the U.S. Milwaukee fleet trucks drive the most miles in March (2,476 miles) followed by Denver (2,336 miles), Boston (1,664 miles), and Portland (1,594 miles).